Audiologist and Hearing Aid Clinics

An ideal location for a loop system is the waiting room of hearing professionals. There's no better place to demonstrate the value of the telecoil to a customer than in your own office - and no better place or way to test hearing aid telecoil performance than in your own office. Connect an audio loop in the waiting room to an otherwise silent radio or television and post a sign inviting your clients to listen in with their telecoil. They will be amazed at the clarity of sound delivered directly to their hearing aid and will begin to ask for the same experience in other places. Many audiologists offices have been equipped in this manner.

Take it one step further and promote audio loop installations in patients homes. Why? Increased customer satisfaction. Increased hearing aid satisfaction. Increased value for the hearing aid expenditure. Fewer hearing aid returns by dissatisfied customers. Reduced marketing costs.

The evidence?

1 Watch the YouTube video and see what Terry & Peggy Simon have done at the Hearing Wellness Center through Wireless Hearing Solutions in West Michigan.

2 Read even more about the successes of Michigan's Hearing Wellness Center as well as an article by Brenda Battat, Executive director of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).

3 Read this excellent article by Dr. Cynthia Compton-Conley on Best Practices in Hearing Enhancement.

4 Christine Diles is writing a series of articles on home loops in Hearing Health Matters. Home loops have been part of the hearing aid sale for more than ten (10) years. It must be working!

The tools?

Please see the product line attachment just below and especially notice the Waiting Room Loop Kit at the top right of the page. It's just what you need to loop your clinic and start harvesting the same benefits as seen in the evidences above. Get your patients in the loop today!