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Better Hearing Solutions originally grew out of an interest to help people with hearing loss better understand the message they were hearing at church. Clarity of sound in the presence of background noise, echoes and room acoustics were the issues that needed to be addressed. Increased loudness of the sound system output was not the solution.

The technology used by the hearing aid telecoil in conjunction with the telephone earpiece can be exploited in a larger setting so that the telecoil can receive wireless signals generated by a loop amplifier connected to a room sound system or microphone.

Our first hearing (audio) loop was installed in a church in 1983. The hard of hearing parishioners were delighted! They could leave their hearing aids in place and connect directly to the sound system simply by setting the switch on their hearing aid to the “T” position. Wired headphones and earphones were no longer needed! Seating was no longer restricted to the area of headphone outlets. Hearing help had become invisible!

Solutions: Today, there’s a greater worldwide awareness of the need to help everyone, regardless of their abilities Europe leads the way in application and is also leading the way in providing the technology for assistive devices. North American manufacturers started to appear on the horizon in 2009. Technology changes have also improved the quality of sound through the use of current drive amplifiers instead of the conventional audio system voltage drive amplifiers. Better Hearing Solutions uses the superior current drive technology, only uses products that are approved for use in Canada (CSA, ETLc or ULc) and installs systems certified to the IEC60118-4 international standard for hearing loops. We can now provide hearing assistance for meeting spaces large or small, at ticket counters, one on one meeting spaces (e.g. doctor's and lawyer's offices or perhaps your own office if you are hard of hearing), round table meetings with 2 to 4 people, living rooms, home theatre rooms and classrooms. Covid barriers have created a huge need for window intercom systems. Larger spaces include lecture and concert halls, gymnasiums, (funeral home) chapels and churches. Some systems are standalone and portable while others are fixed and may be connected to an existing sound system. One or more of these assistive listening systems could really help you!

Training: As time went on, research and learning about loop systems continued. Initial loop system design and installation training was taken at Wireless Hearing Solutions in 2009. This was followed by Ampetronic's Level 1 (2012) and Level 2 (2013) training and Contacta's Advanced Hearing Loop Systems program in 2013.

We now offer Contacta approved training anywhere in Canada. Take our training and become a Contacta dealer.

Hearing loop systems have been and continue to be installed in greater numbers in various churches and venues throughout Canada. The broader range of products and applications that has become available in recent years is now available to you from us. Better Hearing Solutions is a registered Ontario company ready to serve you with quality design, quality equipment, quality installations and quality service - anywhere in Canada. Call or write today. Learn how we can help your customers. clients & parishioners use their hearing aid for more ...

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