What is an Audio (or Hearing) Loop?

A hearing loop in a room environment is simply a wire looped through or around the room with the ends of the wire attached to a special audio amplifier. The amplifier can be connected to a microphone, radio, home theatre system, TV or any sound system that is to be heard in the area defined by the placement of the loop wire. This area can be as small as a living room sofa, a ticket, service or cashier's counter or be as large as a gymnasium, stadium, concert hall or church worship area. The audio signal traveling through the wire creates an electromagnetic field around the wire. This magnetic field can be “heard” inside of the loop anywhere in the room with any hearing aid set to the “T” (telephone) position or other loop listener. Other room sounds and echoes are virtually eliminated due to the direct wireless connection to the audio signal carried in the loop wire from the audio source! Unlike headset listening, the sound heard is tuned to your personal hearing loss by your hearing aid. Sound clarity and speech intelligibility are greatly improved. Hearing and listening become more enjoyable, less tiring, less frustrating and help you use your hearing aid for more .... learn more … about loops from Scientific American

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Hearing Loop System Diagram

Diagram obtained from www.c-tec.co.uk