Public Settings

Hearing loops come to the fore in public settings such as churches, chapels, meeting rooms, lecture halls, concert halls and theatres. Train and bus station waiting areas as well as airports are also good candidate areas for audio loops. Loops in smaller spaces such as lounges in retirement homes and waiting rooms in medical offices can also benefit the hearing aid user if these areas have piped in sound that patrons would like to hear.

Why are hearing loops the best assistive listening system choice (especially) in the areas noted above?

Quite simply, because your telecoil equipped hearing aid is ready to receive loop sound! You need no other device! Just turn on your telecoil and clearly hear whatever is being broadcast through the loop system. Not only do you not need to pick up a listening device and return it at the end of the event, there's no need for the building owner to maintain and clean these borrowed or rented devices either.

Could this be the best way yet for your venue to delight your clientele as you meet accessibility and disability legislation requirements - such as the AODA in Ontario, Canada?

No hearing loop system at your favourite venue? Ask the owners why. Refer them to Better Hearing Solutions and build another opportunity to use your hearing aid for more ...

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