Sales, Ticket or Cashier Counters

Walk up counters and desks such as may be found at a bus or train station, a box office or store often pose a problem for the hard of hearing. These noisy environments can very simply be made accessible to a person with hearing loss through the use of a counter loop. A small loop is placed under the ticket counter and fed by an amplifier and microphone on the service agent's side of the counter. The client simply sets their hearing aid to the t-coil position to clearly hear the service agent while making the transaction. Easily installed, very effective and invisible. Another way to use your hearing aid for more ...

Walk up counters at many locations have a glass panel or Covid barrrier separating the client from the agent or teller. Sometimes these location have a simple speaking "port" for sound transfer between the two sides. Others may have an amplified speaker mounted in the "port". In noisy environments especially, these methods are inadequate for a person with hearing loss AND for a person with normal hearing. In such cases especially, microphones and speakers should be provided on both sides of the partition, supplemented with a hearing loop that can assist the client and / or the agent. Contacta offers a Window Intercom/Speech Transfer System that meets all of these needs!

Could this be the best way yet for your venue to delight your clientele as you meet accessibility and disability legislation requirements - such as the AODA in Ontario, Canada?

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