Telecoil Programming

The hearing aid telecoil is a vital component in an audio loop listening system. It's the invisible link between the hearing aid and the audio loop. Like any system that looks like it works by magic, proper setup is essential. So, what's needed?

1. The telecoil should be oriented in the vertical direction.

2. The hearing aid wearer must be able to turn on and control the telecoil manually.

3. The telecoil performance should be measured via an HFA-SPLIV test such that a 100mA/m input to the telecoil provides the same output as the microphone provides with

a 70dB SPL input.

4. Complete the test with an audio loop system in your clinic. Connect it to your waiting room television! TV room kits are available from Better Hearing Solutions.

A more detailed description of the setup procedure can be found at - especially points 11 - 16.