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The Canadian market requires that all electrical equipment connected to a public utility power source be certified to CSA standards. Very few manufacturers in the world market supply hearing loop equipment to these standards (or their equivalent ULc or ETLc standards). Better Hearing Solutions is continually researching the market to find equipment that meets Canadian safety standards. If you find a product that's not listed here and it's CSA, ETLc or ULc approved, please let us know. We'd be happy to consider it as part of our installed product line.

If it's not CSA, ETLc or ULc approved, it's not legal for use in Canada! Be sure that there is a CSA, ETLc or ULc label on the product before you buy!

CSA approved hearing loop equipment includes the following:

(These products are all available from Canada's foremost hearing loop source: Better Hearing Solutions).

Fixed Loop Amplifiers - Medium and large area systems, more than 1500 square feet (140 sq. m) - Contacta,

- Small and medium area systems, up to 1500 square feet (140 sq. m) - Contacta

- Small area systems, up to 500 square feet (45 sq. m) - Contacta

Ticket / Teller Counter Loops & Speech Transfer Systems(Talk Thru, Speak Thru or Window Intercom Systems) - Contacta

Car / Chair / Dental Chair / Sofa Loops - Contacta

Portable / Tabletop Loops - Contacta for one on one or a small group of 2 or 3

Loop Listeners - Contacta

Neckloops - Williams Sound

Personal Systems - Comfort Duett

We honour referrals from other suppliers/manufacturers.