Architectural Specification for a Hearing Loop System

Architectural Specification for an Induction Hearing Loop System

Intended as an assistive listening system for persons with hearing loss

The induction hearing loop system shall be composed of a good quality input microphone system (or suitable input connection to an existing audio/video source), with the microphone located to maximize signal clarity (minimal mouth to microphone voice travel distance), a driver (amplifier) specifically designed for an induction hearing loop application and an appropriately designed loop antenna as an inductive output device.

The hearing loop driver (and/or its power supply) shall be CSA (or equivalent in Canada) approved. The loop driver and antenna system shall be designed and installed in the manner required to ensure that the IEC 60118-4:2015 requirement for hearing loop systems is met for ElectroMagnetic Interference, Field Strength and Frequency Response in the designated listening areas. Installation shall include calibration using the appropriate test signals and a Field Strength Meter.

For venues with seating, a minimum of 2 hearing loop receivers with headphones shall be supplied for seating capacities up to 200; 5 up to 500; 9 up to 1000; 14 up to 2000, plus 1 per 400 beyond 2000.

Where applicable, reception counters, ticket counters, check in counters and the like shall also be equipped with hearing loop systems conforming to the standards above.

Appropriate signage indicating the availability and usage of an induction hearing loop system shall be installed by the contractor.

A Certificate of Conformity to the IEC 60118-4:2015 standard shall be supplied by the installation contractor.

Equipment installed by the contractor shall be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for defects in material and workmanship for a minimum period of one year.