A hearing loop system is the invisible solution for an invisible disability!

As such, hearing loop systems offer several advantages over other forms (FM & Infrared) of assistive listening technologies:

1. The hearing aid user always carries their own receiver with them

2. The hearing aid user maintains their own receiver

3. The system is invisibly used by the hearing aid user

4. No additional devices or hardware needed for listening - no headphones to mess up your hair!

5. Unlike headset listening, the sound heard is tuned to the listener's hearing loss by their own hearing aid.

6. Simplified public venue logistics - the ownership, maintenance, dispensing and disappearance of listening devices is virtually eliminated.

Hearing loops offer the hearing aid user the most transparent hearing aid experience in a public setting. When sitting or standing within the range of a loop system, the hearing aid telecoil user listens like anyone else, completely undetected, wirelessly and directly through the hearing aid. Since the sound is transmitted through the hearing aid, it's not just louder, it's crystal clear sound tuned to your personal needs.

Would you want it any other way?

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Is there business benefit to accommodate people with hearing loss? Yes!

According to the Royal Bank of Canada, people with disabilities have an estimated spending power of about $25 billion annually across Canada1.Of all disabilities, hearing loss is the most common by far. And, it’s invisible. So who has it?

Depending the age group, hearing loss affects about 1% of the population up to age 34 and then rises rapidly to 26% of the demographic group by age 75 and over2. As lifespans increase, a greater and greater proportion of the population will have hearing loss. If these people come to do business and cannot hear and communicate effectively, sales will suffer.

Assistive listening systems have a large impact on auditory understanding. Better Hearing Solutions can help!