About hearing loops installed or supplied by Better Hearing Solutions:

"As soon as we tested out the new (Window Intercom System) system and it worked just as Bill had said, we ordered systems for the other customer service desks.  The sound quality is excellent -  just like there is no glass. We also added integrated hearing loops for those who use hearing aids" AN 

"Thanks so much for the wonderful evening at Huron Carole.  The Loop worked so well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening", CC, Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto

Visited with MM at St. Christopher’s Anglican in Burlington.  They are extremely happy with their Sanctuary implementation and looking forward to implementing it in their Great Hall.

"The difference is so dramatic, the sound is so clear", BC St. Dunstan's Anglican, Scarborough

"It works great", WC Forward Church, Cambridge

"Once again – the Hearing Loop pad works amazing, it was really easy for me to set up after you showed me. I can’t wait for others to try it out. Thank you so much", JC

"Oh, wow, what a nice difference eh", upon turning on her telecoil, LM @ CHHA National 2017

"you've just changed my life" - a first time user at the Communicaid for Hearing Impaired (CHIP) Conference, Montreal

"I just began teaching speech reading class last week and I had a couple of people who used it (hearing loop).  One with T-coil and the other with a receiver...they were so pleased.  

After witnessing the reactions during the first class, last night there were two others who went to see their audiologist to get their T-coils activated and one who brought his remote to try out his t-coil for the first time.  Everyone was impressed". KS CHHA Sudbury

"I have been in contact with the Anglican Church in Jasper to see how their hearing loop system has been working for them and they are quite thrilled with it", LB.

"We had a wonderful testimonial to the loop system today. One of our regular's hearing aid picked the signal up ... She said she heard every word clearly without background noise. Thought you should know", GT, Knox Presbyterian Church, Guelph, ON

"one old man at church was really excited because he could hear right in his ear" and "one 90 some year old man heard very clearly through his hearing aid", AZ & GZ, Ebenezer Free Presbyterian Church, Chesley, ON

"the seniors who have hearing aids are a happy bunch. They all tell me that hearing has improved substantially and they are very happy that we've installed a loop system", WdJ Jubilee Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, St. Catharines, ON

"System worked beautifully; Crystal clear as a bell; Really lovely", BC St. Dunstan of Canterbury, Scarborough, ON.

About Better Hearing Solutions:

"I really appreciate you being so on top of everything - much appreciated " JV

"I found him to be more knowledgeable than ... and he’s prompt, efficient and easy to work with. He came highly recommended from a universal design consultant I have worked with before". AN 

"thanks a million for your professional advice and patience with us" GM

"I'm fairly non- technical ... I appreciate your patience and explanation" SC

"Many thanks for helping us out with this project" RM

"Thanks for all your help in determining which system may suit us best, your openness and time spent informing us of the benefits of your (loop) system have been enlightening. We thank you and appreciate (the time that) you have dedicated to this project". GN

"Your hard work, not just in installing the induction loop system, but also at the planning and training stages for our building has not gone unnoticed.  You have been professional and timely, and your advice and assistance has been invaluable.  We very much appreciate the extra effort that you made to complete everything on schedule". AV Committee, PFRC

"The package (TV room loop) arrived already Tuesday and I installed it yesterday. I am thrilled. Thank you very much for your help and quick response. I will do my best to get the word out about this wonderful device". BB

Great job, it looks good and obviously is working". Again - A - Great job , well done. From the Chair of the Property Committee at St. Christopher's Anglican Church, Burlington, ON

"Thanks for your help, and more than significant patience in the whole process", EK, Maidstone United Church, Saskatchewan

"we are on the West Coast ... we team up with some great, very experienced companies in Ontario to provide the best Hearing Assist Systems in Canada. I have cc’d Bill from Better Hearing Solutions in Southern Ontario"  peer company referral

"Thanks for great cooperation - I enjoyed working with you", HB

"Thank you for your patience throughout this saga", BT

Let us help you to help others to use their hearing aid for more ...  more value, more benefit, more clarity, more satisfaction.

EMail Better Hearing Solutions

Many more comments about how much hearing loops really help people can be found at The HearingLoop.Org and at the Loop Wisconsin sites.  In Canada, get in the loop with Better Hearing Solutions.

"Thank you for putting in the system. We've had many people asking about it", JB, St. George's Anglican Church, Burlington, ON

"What a difference this makes"! and "I can hear better" TV, "It worked fantastic - those with hearing aids equipped with the telecoil raved about it ....was great to see" SV Burlington Christian Reformed Church, Burlington, ON

    (Quoted more or less verbatim) Well my first comment is I am in love..........with my (home) loop system. Although we installed it in December, I was busy with school papers etc. and actually did not really get to enjoy it until this past week. It is truly amazing and I have brought people in (two students who wear cochlear implants) and another gentleman who is about to get implants to see  just how well it works. The result of having the students experience it is that ...... from U.. will be in touch with you very shortly to inquire about pricing etc for a system possibly to be purchased for a large auditorium on campus. I have made three presentations to Rotary clubs in the past 10 days and am out of your brochures. I have seven more presentations to do in January and February so if you could send me more brochures I will happily distribute them. (Additional brochures are on the way!). JG

Loops are "salvation for the deaf" HH,

"If we didn't have a loop system in this church I wouldn't be able to understand anything" GVDM, Ebenezer Free Reformed Church, Dundas, ON

"Tickled pink" BHRC

     "We just love our loop system" GS, Heritage Reformed Church, Jordan Station, ON

"Tremendous, terrific, what a difference" NR, Calgary Free Reformed Church, AB

"What a difference the loop system makes.  It sounded like Bill was right next to me - like he was in my head!" Katie M

"It was so clear, it was really nice to hear like that" Liz W

 "You can tell when they've connected to the loop by the look on their faces" Liz W

"It is wonderful. Last night I watched TV with no closed caption and heard it all. Thank you for that". Pat K.

     "It's beautiful, I love it" Ann D - while testing a trial loop

"The loop here (new installation@ Providence Free Reformed Church) is very clear" HH

"I don't see anything" MH - Upon walking into the classroom after the installation was completed

"As for the DLS-50, L and I are both thrilled. What a difference; a single wire loop, simply amazing. Improved fidelity and volume. The single wire loop provides L with TV audio throughout our living room, dining room and kitchen; about half our 1300 square foot bungalow". GC

      "You made my day" BB - tv room loop

"Just wanted to let you know that we have our new location open and are LOVING the loop you sent to us.  I'm not quite sure who's happier...us or the patients"!  Waiting room loop @ HearingFirst

      "Just a note to say that we have used the amplifier 2 Sundays now and it is working good".  LL @ St. Andrew's United Church, Harvey Station, NB

"One gentlemen gave me a comment on Sunday, after the service, that this was the first time in years he'd heard the service. Great job, it looks good and obviously is working".

Again, some months later: "Everyone at Church on Sunday was raving about being able to hear. Again - A - Great job , well done." From the Chair of the Property Committee at St. Christopher's Anglican Church, Burlington, ON.

     "I am pleased to inform you that the Audio Loop System that you sold to us is now fully installed and operational.   The performance exceeded the expectations I had anticipated.   The Hard of Hearing persons who tested it out last Friday expressed great satisfaction on its performance.  We appreciate your assistance in helping us to get this system installed and up and running.  Many thanks on behalf of The Yellowknife Senior's Society and Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Yellowknife" - The Baker Community Center, Yellowknife, NT

Wellington Hearing Care , Guelph, Ontario - "Where is it"? Upon "seeing" the waiting room tv loop for the first time - well, it is an invisible solution! - LM

"We are enjoying out new sound (hearing loop) system, and have had a few compliments already", EK, Saskatchewan

"Blessed by it" K, Immanuel CRC, Hamilton, ON

"Once we have people from our church using it successfully - I want to send out brochures with notices to the surrounding churches that we are using the Hearing Loop. We are a church that is often used for funerals as the auditorium is quite large", MZ, East Zorra Mennonite Church, Tavistock, ON

"I have been in contact with the Anglican Church in Jasper to see how their hearing loop system has been working for them and they are quite thrilled with it".  LB, St. Albert RCMP

"Huge success, bragging about it", SS, Canada Post, Ottawa, ON

"delighted with how much better they can hear at church ", SS St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hillsburgh, ON