TV & Home Theatre Listening

Most experts agree that induction loop systems are the best solution for TV listening with hearing aids. An induction loop system transmits the signal from your TV or home theater system through an easily installed WIRED LOOP that loops around the room or a small portable chair cover called a CUSHION or PILLOW LOOP. The signal is pickup by a small coil of wire inside your hearing aid, called a T-Coil. The T-Coil uses no electricity so it doesn't affect the battery life of the hearing aid.

The signal from the induction loop plays through your customized hearing aid programming. The sound is mixed and adjusted by the hearing aid to compensate for your hearing loss, giving you as close to true sound reproduction as possible with an assistive device.

You can enjoy crystal clear customized sound without wearing another complicated device that needs charging or batteries. An induction loop system eliminates background noise and echo by sending the audio signal directly to your hearing aid without extra equipment or devices to connect or put over your ears. It will sound like the speaker is sitting on your shoulder, talking directly in your ear!

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